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Providing High-Quality Commercial Roofing Solutions

Flat Roof

With our tough, impact-resistant and hard-wearing finishes that can resist damage from other trades, our liquid systems provide peace of mind that they will remain waterproof for decades to come from the moment they are installed. New Build or refurbishment, Polyroof systems are available in a range of colours and finishes to complement a projects’s aesthetics and are suitable for all roof designs. The ACR team of experts can advise you on the benefits of each option and, as a result, which one is the most suitable for your project.


Balconies, Terraces & Walkways

When it comes to waterproofing a balcony, terrace or walkway there are several factors to consider; foot trafficking, slip-resistance and aesthetics. New build or refurbishment, the ACR team of experts can advise you on your options and how to satisfy all  of the objectives for your project. We understand that our clients are often tasked with many responsibilities during a project. 

Simulated Metal Finishes

At ACR, we can help you with both refurbishment and new build applications. Our range of BBA approved, cold liquid applied systems can replicate the look of metal sheeted roofing at a fraction of the weight and the price and, having no scrap value, are not prone to vandalism. The high cost of metals in general has resulted in a marked increase in the thefts of lead, copper and zinc. Flashings from old and new buildings are being stolen and the lead roofs of churches, schools and other public and historic buildings are often stripped for their resale value. Polyroof liquid roofing systems are the alternative solution. 


Atlas Designer Shingles

3M Scotchgard - Guaranteed to Stop Algae

Class 4 Hail Impact Protection

150 MPH Wind Uplift Rated

Flexible Down to 0°F

3M Cool Roof + 3M Smog Technology Available

Premium 6" Exposure 

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